My kind of Music

I like most people love music, and I also know that not everyone has the same opinion on the best artist, band or Dj. But I do know that music connects everyone to each other in some way. So these are my thoughts on who's the best band and artist. This is all about the must awesome band and artist that I like very much.But everyone needs to remember that MUSIC IS LIFE!!!!

In my opinion I believe that Imagine Dragons is one of the best bands in the planet. Not everyone may like rock because it might be a bit loud and it sometimes can't be understood, but they're more like a Pop rock band which has much of a lighter sound and easily to approach and respond to then other types of rock music.. There songs are never boring and i never want to change their song or want them to end.

There are many kinds of bands that I listen to. Most of them are rock bands but not heavy metal or sreamo because that type of rock aggresive for my taste. Some other bands that I happen to listen to and enjoy are:

My Bands!!!

There are many more bands that I am intrested in, but I doupt that they would be able to fit in the page.

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